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My newest harp book is "Melodic Meditations III," available in a lap harp version and the original (non lap harp) version.

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The vast majority of†this website is about harp solos, harp duets, harp†learning materials, and various ensembles which include harp and other instruments.† You can play any of the harp accompaniment or harp duet parts on piano as well.

Although harp is the "main thing" here, there is plenty of music for piano solo, flute, Native American flute, and even clarinet.†† Click on the boxes above to get where you want to go.

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Know a clarinet player or clarinet student?† Visit my clarinet section.†† There is one major work for clarinet solo with piano, and you can hear it in its entirety by clicking here.† I have also begun my series of duet books for harp (or piano) and clarinet.†† Click to get to that section.

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Free harp arrangement of Happy Birthday.†† Click here.† I have been asked many times, finally was asked by a long-time harp friend, so enjoy my version.

My first "non-music" book. For the book "in print" and in a pdf version, Click here. For Kindle at Amazon, click here. For Smashwords listing, click here.

My husband has also written a book. His is WAY more scholarly than mine!

"The Music of the Appointed Times," a book by Dwight Blevins

Apart from my harp books and other music, I write special pieces for your special occasions, and also arrange songs by request, as long as they are in the public domain or you otherwise get permission.†† I have been doing this commissioned work since 2001.† You can have a piece written to your own harp's range, your playing ability, etc.† I†also write special†piano pieces, and the occasional made-to-order ensemble piece in pretty much any instrument you need.†† Email me if you would like to talk about "Music Just For You."†

"It was lovely to meet, you if only over† the phone. Since your music touches my heart and the hearts of many of†my patients, and it is music playing often, it seems to me that we†have already met."†† Gail F, Canada)

Review of "Harp† Sense" (found by clicking here):

"This book is a BRILLIANT idea! No one has ever done this before-amassed all of this kind of information in one place. I got excited just reading the table of contents! It's very accessible, very "I'm talking to YOU." You managed to get all of the pertinent information across without sounding so esoteric that the average harp player (whoever that is) is not put off. I learned quite a lot just from random reading. I'm very weak in theory and this is a real help. Congratulations, its a winner!" Jeannette D, CA
"Cindy, Iím so excited about receiving your music. I have a few of your books already, and cannot tell you how much I enjoy them. Your music is not only beautiful to my ears but a thrill from my fingers. I have literally learned my instrument through playing your songs. Thank you so much for sharing Godís gift of music with me." Kathy S, OH

"You are a musical genius in arrangements !!" Sincerely, Mei Li Sim,† Classical Harp Academy (Canada)

"Your piano music is one of the world's best-kept secrets, buried under all the harp music on your website."† Bill P, OH

"Cindy, I have a couple of favorite composers that I always look for - Kim Robertson and Chuck Bird and Susan Peters (duo).† I have just added you to that list! I started writing down all of the compositions I wanted to get your sheet music for and soon realized I want it all! You compositions speak to me somewhere deep in my soul as this is what the harp was made for. Thanks for sharing."† Jeri S††

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