This section is for "non Kleinstuber Blevins original" harp pieces.  Folk songs, hymns, Christmas, etc.   Scroll down past the reviews to click on a box below for more information. 

 Click to hear "All Through the Night" from Feast of Favorites, Vol. 4.  The harp you hear is a Blevins Eden 29 in walnut wood.

Click to hear "My Old Kentucky Home" played on a beautiful Blevins Eden 26 harp. To hear "God Bless America" on the same harp, click here. Both of these arrangements are from Feast of Favorites, Vol. 3.

*The Easy Favorites series are easier arrangements of many of the pieces from Feast of Favorites.

A few testimonials referring to my arrangements:

"Cindy, in the summer when your books arrived(Feast of Favorites books)  I was delighted sampling them by sight reading. Now I will spend a little time brushing up on a few pieces so as to show my Ottawa HARP CIRCLE GROUP HOW TALENTED YOU ARE.  You know you need to break through the "only ******** arrangements," they need to have their repertoire enhanced and enriched through the exposure of your arrangements.   Nobody believes you are a gem over here  so I have got to demonstrate.  The only way is through playing your pieces."  (thank you to one of my Canada music dealers, the Classical Harp Academy)

"Dear Cindy, ......I did try out your books and was competely blown away by your fluid lyrical flowey harp arrangements..I love all the feast books.  (Feast of Favorites) Your books are a gem, easy to sight read and play and yet sound so rich and inspirational.Too bad people who try to save every penny on books will never have their repertoire enriched. I would place your arrangements as top notch! You are indeed very talented and your arrangements have great substance flowing from one piece to another. Most of arrangements in market place are copy cats, not much orginality. I could see your vibrant orginality bubbling through. Cindy I wish more  people will eventually  dicover your unique music  books and have their lives and souls enriched by them. Right now my soul still rings with echoes of your OH Shenendoah.Amazing Grace,cockles and mussells  ...........etc !!!!!!"  Mrs. Sim, Classical Harp Academy, Canada

"Hi Cindy, I'm going to keep this one short because I want to go play some more....

One of my most favorite songs ever is Oh, Shenandoah, the melody of that tune really speaks to me.  I just finally started to read through my new Feast of Favorite books and tonight started on Oh, Shenandoah  and I have to tell you that your arrangement is the nicest I have ever heard.   Beautifully and artistically done, just lovely.  Thank you!!  Actually I love all the books, so many wonderfully arranged pieces of music to play I don't know where to start, it's almost overwhelming.  Feast of Favorites 1-4 is going to keep me happily busy for quite some time, better  go practice!!!!"  S. Papinsick

"Cindy, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I have been enjoying your Feast of Favorites 4.  I have been playing Come, Though Fount of Every Blessing and just love the way you have intertwined the melody with little surprises.  Keep up the wonderful work."  Dixie S, MO

(after ordering Feast of Favorites, Vol. 3 and 4) "Dear Cindy,
I LOVE your arrangements!!! I have books 1 and 2 (Feast of Favorites) and they are by far my FAVORITE arrangements. So beautifully done and fun to play! I have been playing the harp for 1 1/2 years now and love it. Thanks for arranging such gorgeous music, PLEASE keep the Feast Of Favorites coming!!!!!! Thanks." Gretchen T, CO

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